Welcome to ideal post - a simple & easy to install solution to reduce your mailing costs

mailing costs

ideal post provides your business with the answer to controlling ever-increasing mailing costs.

The ideal post solution supports everything from a single letter through to an output file for a monthly invoice run.

ideal post prices start at 47 pence including printing, stationery, fulfilment & postage. This means you can print and mail out for less than the cost of a 2nd class stamp. In addition to the immediate savings in your post bill, your staff can focus on their core activities, and no longer need to spend time printing out letters and stuffing envelopes. Business costs associated with stationery, printers and post rooms will also be reduced.

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simple to use

  1. You register your details & install the ideal post printer driver
  2. You create your document as normal.
  3. You send your document to print, but instead of selecting a local desk top printer from the print dialogue box, you select ideal post.
  4. You preview your document, then click send - job done!


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Your documents are processed in our secure mailing facility. Accredited to ISO27001 and fully compliant to the Data Protection Act, you can rest assured that your mail is being processed in a professional and confidential environment.

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